Periodontics Revisited (pdf)

Periodontics Revisited (pdf)

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Periodontology is a rapidly changing branch of dentistry with new scientific revelations unveiling many mysteries. Some controversies, still surrounding the basic foundations of etiology, phenomenology, treatment methods, etc. make it very difficult for a student to understand its content. The book is written in the first place with undergraduate dental students in mind, but is equally helpful for the postgraduate students also. Organization of the book: The text is organized into eleven sections; and each section is further subdivided into several chapters. With the matter subdivided into these smaller chapters, students will find easier to achieve their learning goals. Starting with the basics in section one, the text flows gradually from epidemiology; etiology; pathology; diagnosis; treatment including non-surgical, surgical and implantology with the inclusion of interdisciplinary approaches onto the recent advances in the field of periodontology. Learning devices in the book: The effort has been made to learn the subject in a simpler and easier way by the use of tables, easy-to-understand line diagrams, original colored photographs, flow diagrams and points to ponder at the end of each chapter. Key information boxes are color coded to use as navigational aid for readers. Each chapter is supported by bibliography and also the important landmark studies related to the topic. MCQs are also included at the end of the chapter with answers in view of these being included in the exam system.

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