Concise Dental Anatomy and Morphology (pdf)

Concise Dental Anatomy and Morphology (pdf)

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I have a love hate relationship with this book. It is exactly what is says: Concise. The book begins with a general discussion of anatomy and morphology and then delves into an approximate 25 page discussion over each type of tooth (incisors, canines, etc…). It then goes into root morphology, primary teeth and dental anomalies. The book is only around 200 pages.

You look at it and think: man that couldn’t be that hard; however, after reading it you realize why it is only 200 pages. 90% of the book is simply a very detailed description of the tooth, no more no less. The book has pictures in the margins (haha…) that accompany the descriptive text.

The pictures are nice, but very few are actually labeled. So sometimes you find yourself looking at a tooth and saying, “Is this the mesial view or distal, buccal or lingual, etc…” This seems to be a common theme in dental anatomy textbooks and I think this is its greatest drawback.

The other big drawback is the organization of the sections. I found it exceedingly difficult to locate the exact description when reviewing material. It has letters, roman numerals and numbers dividing up subsections over the teeth, and there are no lines dividing the pages, nor bolded words and very few underlined words. So when you want to review what the mesial view of X tooth looks like, you have to dig a little and find that subheading hidden in the page. There are no charts either, which I find one of the most effective ways of learning material where topics are closely related.

The descriptions are good, but at times a little wordy. I have found a few mistakes, but nothing too big. Overall, this book is acceptable and doesn’t throw in any clinical correlations and has few superlatives (like MOST common missing tooth, LEAST common, etc…). Our tests ask us mostly questions that have to be inferred from the text because the text does not ponder on clinical correlates or have many comparisons between teeth. In addition, it does not have (and you shouldn’t expect it to have) occlusion.

The book is a dense read, and I have to read each chapter twice to really absorb the information. It is definitely adequate for basic dental anatomy and learning what the teeth (should) look like. I think it is a solid 3 stars, but not more.

Concise dental anatomy and morphology, April 7, 2000

Good pictures and descriptions of how teeth grow. What was of particular interest was the part on dentin development. a great book for novices interested in knowing what a dentist knows!

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