Development of the Human Dentition (.EPUB)

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Development of the Human Dentition (.EPUB)

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Development of the Human Dentition (.EPUB)
For almost three decades, Prof Van der Linden’s classic text, Development of the Dentition, has been the international standard reference in its field. Now, he has updated those concepts in a new iBook-only format that is sure to become the new standard reference. Starting with tooth formation and the development of the deciduous dentition, the author systematically takes the reader through the transition to the permanent dentition and through the aging of the dentition. Emphasis is placed on the relationship among the development of the dentition, the growth of the face, and functional factors. Subsequently, the development of orthodontic malocclusions is presented, followed by the effects of untimely loss of deciduous teeth. The topics are explained clearly and concisely and are richly illustrated with excellent photographs, digital illustrations, and video clips that offer 3D insight into the development of the dentition. This essential textbook for students of dentistry is accessible to all readers, regardless of their prior knowledge of dental development.

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