Medical Emergencies: Essentials for the Dental Professional, 2nd Edition (pdf)

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Medical Emergencies: Essentials for the Dental Professional, 2nd Edition (pdf)

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Medical Emergencies: Essentials for the Dental Professional, 2nd Edition
For courses covering medical emergencies in dental hygiene and dental assisting programs.

Updated for the latest knowledge and practice standards, MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: ESSENTIALS FOR THE DENTAL PROFESSIONAL, 2/ethoroughly discusses the essential elements of 30 different medical emergencies dental professionals may encounter, including etiology, signs, symptoms and treatment. It presents case scenarios and resolutions designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving; demonstrates the importance medical histories and vital signs in preventing emergencies; and guides students in developing appropriate medical emergency kits. Case Scenarios and Case Resolutions promote critical thinking skills Critical thinking is in the previous sentence, and easy-to-follow Treatment Flow Charts walk students visually through emergency procedures. Easy-to-use tables present the Signs & Symptoms of each emergency, and an At-A-Glance table summarizes the essentials of all emergencies. Student practice tests are now offered online, and extensive instructor support materials are available, including PowerPoint® presentations for each chapter.

Designed and written at a level appropriate for dental hygiene/dental assistant students. Easy to understand while also including all the information students need to handle dental emergencies.
Covers every type of dental emergency. Includes coverage of Presyncope/Syncope, pallor, pupil dilation, diaphoresis , piloerection, weakness, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, yawning, visual changes, elevated blood pressure and pulse rate, shortness of breath, heart palpitation, chest pain , unconsciousness, and slow pulse. — I don’t understand how this information goes with the bolded heading.
Promotes critical thinking skills through realistic examples and case scenarios. Includes Case Scenarios at the beginning of every chapter, and Case Resolutions at the end.
Offers fast access to Signs & Symptoms. Includes easy-access Signs & Symptoms Table in every chapter, synthesizing what may occur in each type of emergency.
Visually walks students through emergency procedures. Includes easy-to-follow Treatment Flow Charts in each chapter.
Gives students instant access to summary information on all emergencies. Includes alphabetical At-a-Glance table summarizing the essentials of each type of emergency.
Provides many opportunities for student review. Includes review questions at the end of each chapte

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