Exodontia Practice (pdf)

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Exodontia Practice (pdf)

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Exodontia Practice
Textbook is descriptive comprehensive yet simple to understand to be a true companion of student and dental practitioner. Textbook presents an easy to use compilation of the techniques of exodontia. It contains information concerning the management of all types of patients requiring exodontia treatment. Basic procedures, fundamentals, principles behind them, complications and their prevention, and management are the highlights of this book. 1. Introduction, 2. Armamentarium, 3. Anatomical Considerations, 4. Indications and Contraindications, 5. Principles of Exodontia, 6. Intra-alveolar Extraction (Simple Exodontia), 7. Transalveolar Extraction (Complicated Exodontia), 8. The Root Piece Removal (The Fractured Root), 9. Pediatric Exodontia, 10. Exodontia for Medically Compromised Patients, 11. Extraction Under General Anesthesia, 12. Healing of Extraction Socket, 13. Complications of Tooth Extraction.

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