A Colour Handbook of Oral Medicine (pdf)

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A Colour Handbook of Oral Medicine (pdf)

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A Colour Handbook of Oral Medicine
The primary aim of this book is to provide the clinician with a well-illustrated text that may be used firstly to assist the diagnosis of those conditions that fall into the specialty of oral medicine and secondly to provide a guide to initial treatment. A number of excellent atlastype texts or reference works that comprehensively cover oral diseases are available. However, these books may be of limited value in the clinical setting since the material is usually presented according to the underlying etiology, such as infection, neoplasia, or developmental anomaly, rather than on the patient’s symptomatic complaint of ulceration, erythema, white patch, or pain. It is hoped that the reader will find that the symptom-based approach employed in this book will be one of practical value in the clinical diagnosis and management of patients with oral diseases.

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