Implants in Clinical Dentistry, 2nd Edition (pdf)

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Implants in Clinical Dentistry, 2nd Edition (pdf)

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Now that the first wave of enthusiasm for implants has died down, practitioners are beginning to need information about the long-term maintenance of implants and the complications that they may present. An increasing number of dental practitioners are considering dental implants in the treatment of their patients. The range of applications, protocol variations, the complexity of implant systems and related management have all increased dramatically over the last decade, and this may be bewildering to the newcomer to implant dentistry. This pioneering text presents an unbiased guide to the various different implants currently manufactured and indicates which, in the authors’ experience, is best for which indication.
The text compares the main different types of implant, discusses the advantages and disadvantes of each, includes data on long- term results which is not necessarily found in earlier books, and provides an independent and critical approach to the subject.

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