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Basics of Dental Technology: A Step by Step Approach (pdf) Basics of Dental Technology: A Step by Step Approach (pdf) Tony Johnson, David G. Patrick, Christopher W. Stokes, David G. Wildgoose, Duncan J. Wood
Basics of Dental Technology is a major new resource for undergraduate dental students and trainee dental technicians.

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The Dentist’s Drug and Prescription Guide (pdf) - Mea A. Weinberg, Stuart J. Froum

Periodontology: The Essentials (pdf) - Hans-Peter Mueller

Clinical Research in Oral Health - William V. Giannobile, Brian A. Burt, Robert J. Genco

Clinical Endodontics: A Textbook, 3rd Edition (pdf) - Leif Tronstad

Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Orthodontics: Indications, Insights, and Innovations (pdf) - Sunil Kapila

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics, 3rd Edition (pdf) - Herbert T. Shillingburg, Lowell D. Whitsett, Richard Jacobi, Susan E. Brackett, Sumiya Hobo

Primate Dentition An Introduction to the Teeth of Non-human Primates (pdf) - Daris R. Swindler, Robert M. George