Pedodontics Practice and Management (pdf)

Pedodontics Practice and Management (pdf)

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Pedodontics Practice and Management
The book Pedodontics Practice and Management gives a complete coverage of all aspects of the pediatric dentistry from the basics to the recent developments in child management. It furnishes a clear coverage of basic anatomy, introduction, cariology, child abuse, development, pathology, investigations, diagnosis, management, normal and pathologic oro-dental and general health in children with emphasis on growth, behavior management, and dental treatment procedures. Contents of this book are factual, reliable, and scientifically accurate and are based on recent literature. Inclusion of forensic pedodontics, pediatric genetics, and epidemiology will be much informative to the readers. It is well structured with separate sections dealing with each and every aspect in detail. The striking layout, illustrations and photographs reflect the efforts put by the author on making this book. The book Pedodontics Practice and Management provides with vast information regarding evolving trends and practices in the specialty of pediatric dentistry. Writing this textbook is a dream come true and it has a lot of valuable information and sure to be a worthy dental book for the students of dentistry. This textbook is a compilation of ideas, theories and information about the growing needs for pediatric dental health. The book follows a sequential diagrammatic representation and enabling easier understanding of the principles and techniques involved in treating a child. Every dental student gets his share of information and his quest to seek more information through this textbook. This book is not only useful to undergraduates but also a reference to postgraduates and for all practicing dental surgeons.

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