Periodontology at a Glance (pdf)

Periodontology at a Glance (pdf)

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Periodontology at a Glance
Periodontology at a Glance adds another dentistry title to this popular series. It provides readers with an easy-to-use tool to assimilate the key information about periodontics by illustrating each topic with a double-page spread that encapsulates essential knowledge. Clear diagrams and clinical pictures are accompanied by succinct text, providing a highly visual format to facilitate ease of learning. Suggestions for further reading are provided selectively where appropriate, and the authors present a useful distillation of the salient research literature.

Structured over 43 topics, Periodontology at a Glance covers:

Anatomy of the periodontium
Aetiology, diagnosis and classification of periodontal diseases
Surgical and non-surgical therapies
Patient management
Risk factors, including systemic disease
Periodontology at a Glance provides a brief but comprehensive overview of periodontology. It will be a popular and useful resource for dentistry students, qualified dentists seeking a refresher, and other dental professionals.

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