Essentials of Operative Dentistry (pdf)

Essentials of Operative Dentistry (pdf)

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Essentials of Operative Dentistry (pdf)
The book is essentially a compilation of these information being presented in an easily comprehendable manner so that an undergraduate dental student could find it easier to learn. The book contains about 1200 illustrations to depict various tooth preparation designs and fundamentals in operative dentistry. The book has also been written keeping with the requirement of preclinical conservative students in mind who have for long been facing the task of learning the more complex clinical books. The book sorted out this problem by including chapters on preclinical exercises and also about basic tooth morphology which are required to be learned by the undergraduate students in their 2nd and 3rd year syllabi. The book starts out from explaining basic chapters like ergonomics in dentistry, instruments used in operative dentistry to more advanced topics like bleaching, tooth colored inlays/onlays, etc. The main feature of this book is the manner by which each chapter has been explained with easy point-to-point presentation of necessary details. Besides this, at end of each chapter a section of Key Terms has been added to acquaint with terms relevant to that chapters. Also a section on Questions to Think About at the end of each chapter should prepare the students for the possible questions that could be asked in their university examinations. The book will be a tribute to the great teachers under whom I did my undergraduation and postgraduation and learned the basics of dentistry and more importantly how to lead a life as a human. The book I hope fulfill the need of undergraduate and also postgraduate students of operative dentistry.

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