Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics : Volume 2, 1E (pdf)

Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics : Volume 2, 1E (pdf)

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Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics : Volume 2, 1E (pdf)
In the specialty of orthodontics, treatment results depend on the clinician's knowledge, manual dexterity, philosophy, and effort. This book highlights the lack of common scientific guidelines in orthodontic practice, advocating for the recognition and identification of such guidelines that work to place the teeth in positions that will produce the healthiest, most functional, most esthetic, and most stable results possible. With so many factors influencing long-term stability, this book consolidates the 20 principles of the Alexander Discipline outlined in volume one into 6 guidelines for approaching long-term stability in orthodontics, focusing on the periodontium, torque control, skeletal and transverse control, occlusion, and the soft tissue profile. Each guideline is presented with several case studies that follow from the treatment plan to the definitive result and that highlight long-term stability in 5- to 40-year posttreatment records. A must-have for the practicing orthodontist.


1. Introduction: Begin with Stability in Mind

2. Selective Literature Review on Long-Term Stability

3. Special Considerations in Orthodontics

4. Anterior Torque Control

5. Sagittal Skeletal Alteration and Vertical Skeletal Control

6. Transverse Skeletal Alteration

7. Functional Occlusion and Stability

8. The Smile and Facial Harmony

9. Factors Related to Relapse

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