Textbook of Operative Dentistry (with MCQs) (pdf)

Textbook of Operative Dentistry (with MCQs) (pdf)

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This book is intended to teach the principles, practice and recent advances in the field of Operative Dentistry to undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and practitioners. This book contains an improved, comprehensive and exhaustive classification of cavities, which includes seven classes with their divisions, subdivisions and types. This classification gives complete, almost three-dimensional picture of the cavity. The language is very simple. The diagrams are well labeled and self-explanatory. The subject matter is crystal, clear and very easy to understand. The book has completely covered all the topics of the subject along with the basic fundamentals and recent advances. Most of the chapters contain the information, which are the direct answers to the questions usually asked in BDS and MDS examinations. This book is very useful for UG and PG students, researchers, teachers and practitioners. The 550 multiple choice questions completely covering the subject, shall be very useful to the students especially those preparing for various competitive examinations.

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