Textbook of Medical Dentistry: For Dental–Medical Students and Practitioners (pdf)

Textbook of Medical Dentistry: For Dental–Medical Students and Practitioners (pdf)

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Thus the purpose of keeping general medicine in the curriculum of dentistry teaching is valid and essential because without the background of general medicine, dentistry cannot be successfully practised. The practising dentist has to face emergencies connected with systemic diseases and also be vigilant about legal obligatory responsibilities answerable to Consumer Protection Court. This book to present the essential knowledge in simple language and style, that is easy to remember. Rarities are left for references and not to overload the reader and tax his memory. Illustrations, figures, charts and photos are supplemented to facilitate the reader to clearly visualize and remember the facts when needed. Treatment, a part of important aspect, is dealt especially, to help prescribe the drugs specifically and properly. Only mentioning the generic names does not help actually prescribe. The drugs are mentioned along with the doses and names of the company to facilitate the chemist to dispense promptly. Awareness of contraindications and side effects makes the prescriber more confident to continue or discontinue the drug. This book is useful for dental practitioners, physicians, surgeons and students of dental science.

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