Essential Pathology for Dental Students, 4th Edition (pdf)

Essential Pathology for Dental Students, 4th Edition (pdf)

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Essential Pathology for Dental Students, 4th Edition
The present redesigned and revised edition has utilised the contemporary technology in its full form in illustrations, lay-out and in printing. The revised edition has almost thrice the number of illustrations of at large number of common diseases placed along with the text, and it is hoped that it will enhance understanding and learning of the subject readily, besides being a visual treat. In continuity with previous edition, my discretion as a teacher has been used in enlarging the scope by including many newer examples of diseases, especially in infections and neoplasms. All the chapters and topics have undergone thorough revision and updating of various aspects. While most of the newer information has been inserted between the lines, a few topics have been rewritten, e.g. current concepts on cell injury, immunopathology, carcinogenesis, newer infectious diseases, lymphomas-leukaemias, hypertension, etc. to name a few. In doing so, the basic accepted style of the book —simple, easy-to-understand and reproducibility of the subject matter, and emphasis on clarity and accuracy, has not been disturbed. There is about three-folds increase in the number of figures and many newer tables have been added in the revised edition. All the line-drawing and schematic figures have been updated and improved in soft colours, eliminating the weaknesses noticed in them in previous edition. All free-hand labeled sketches of gross specimens and line-drawings of microscopic features of an entity have been placed alongside the corresponding specimen photograph and photomicrograph respectively, enhancing the understanding of the subject for the beginner students in pathology. Rational use of various levels of headings and subheadings in different colours, bold face and in italics has been done in the text in order to highlight key points. All the citations of figures and tables in the text have been shown in colour now to make the related text vividly visible and to help user locate the same quickly on a page, making the book truly user-friendly. In essence, the revised edition provides a twin package covering complete text of theory and practical in pathology for students of dentistry, and it is anticipated that the users would not have to refer to any other book during their routine learning of pathology. It is also hoped that practising clinicians and students of other branches of medicine such as pharmacy, physiotherapy, laboratory medicine, nursing and alternate systems of medicine, would also find it useful.

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